Blue Mocking Birds In Colours

The Blue Mocking Birds' debut CD, In Colours, is a derivative piece of nostalgic '60s-inspired '80s Britpop. The threesome is comprised of Ted and Monty Mason and Milan Mesarich, the former being English ex-pats now residing in the U.S. This is only important when trying to determine whether the UK modishness of the music and packaging is the real deal or a put-on. Frankly, I think it's a bit of both. Apparently brother Ted, once upon a time played with Modern English and associated with other '80s pop icons. The other Birds have similar associations and none of them have given up the ghosts. The lead vocals, courtesy of Ted, are incredibly annoying, with the swelling harmony effects overused throughout. The lyrics, the majority of which are written by one or both of the Masons, are weak and strained. The same old themes of middle class jobs and marriage are handled in the same old way, but worse. Their poetic license ought to be revoked. Judging from the liner notes, Ted Mason is all over this record: writing, playing, singing and producing. A fresh pair of ears should have been brought in to produce In Colours. Perhaps a nice pop nugget could have been found. As it is, I'm left wondering if the Blue Mocking Birds is actually their name or their modus operandi. (Koch)