The Blow Poor Aim: Love Songs

It’s Nintendo music intended for dancing, or folk singer songs remixed by an electro pop-loving hipster. Poor Aim: Love Songs is a disc that was originally put out in 2004 but after being well-received, is now being re-released by K Records. Split in half, the first seven songs are part of the original EP, while the second part is comprised of remixes by various DJs. With songs like "Hey Boy,” a catchy dance tune, as the first track, the duo’s album seems to be about combining appealing nightlife lyrics with some bad-ass beats. As the album continues, it’s obvious that this should be enjoyed by those who are serious about dance party weekends. Heading into the second half of the album, the hipster-meets-house dynamic makes the over-the-top beats quite charming. However, the two-minute finale, "We are Over Here,” a call-and-response overdubbing of two female voices coming from every place in the room, might signify that there’s much more to come from The Blow, and perhaps this album is only a taste of the fun they can create with pop music. (States Rights)