Blood for Blood Outlaw Anthems

The final studio recording for Boston's hardcore brutes Blood For Blood is definitely not for the timid, bubblegum punk of today, but for that borderline criminal, white trash Gummo punk that likes to drown cats in burlap sacks. Although G.G. Allin would call Blood For Blood "pussies," they seem to be quite sincere and adamant in their trash talking, society hating and nihilistic ways. With lyrics sounding like Andrew Dice Clay spouting off about how he's going to maim anyone who stands in his way, it's hard to take Blood For Blood seriously. Fortunately, their music makes up for any cheesy "thug-core" image that bleeds profusely from this release, as the curb-stomping music on Outlaw Anthems is fiercely pounding and catchy as hell. If one can overlook flaws in the band's image and let the music speak for itself, Blood For Blood have ended their career on a positive note in the punk rock trailer park. (Victory)