Blonder Trip Out on 'Crystal Ball' EP

BY Jordan CurriePublished Apr 24, 2020

Constantine Anastasakis's musical project Blonder incorporates the sounds of the '70s and '80s into glittering sunny pop on the Crystal Ball EP. While he began including more synths and groovy bass lines on last year's Cowboy Diaries EP, a first-time experience with LSD at a New Year's party, along with contributions from Porches' Aaron Maine and Waylon Rector have created the explosive blend of psychedelic rock and synth-pop that is Crystal Ball, Blonder's most cohesive and vibrant release to date.

Blonder craft psych rock in the vein of the genre's past, like the Beach Boys and the Beatles, and its present, such as Tame Impala. This is most evident on tracks "Brand New Car," "Crystal Ball" and "Bees In The Sun", which has an irresistibly sticky bass line and echoing chorus. The sensual "Baby You're A Good One" featuring The Voice winner Chloe MK satisfyingly closes the EP, painting the image of being bored at a party and meeting someone special to be alone with, the two vocals sizzling with chemistry.

Crystal Ball's retro influences mix seamlessly with the modern, and Blonder's musings on romance, drugs and everything in between is sure to bring summery vibes into these days of dreary isolation.
(Cool World)

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