Blonde Redhead Line Up Penny Sparkle

Blonde Redhead Line Up <i>Penny Sparkle</i>
Aside from their intriguing Dungeons & Dragons documentary soundtrack, hazy New York art pop outfit Blonde Redhead haven't released much by way of new material since their much-loved 2007 effort 23. Last week, they dropped a new track called "Here Sometimes", and as expected, the song is from an upcoming album, which we now know is called Penny Sparkle and will be out this fall.

In a press release, Blonde Redhead's Kazu Makino described the recording process like none other. "I fell in love with the music like falling for someone you've known for a long time," she said. "It was dreamy and sometimes was very stormy. At times I felt like a shepherd who was trying to herd five stallions into a yard (unsuccessfully). I felt like I was a link to everyone. I remained still and the others were constantly moving around it. I am not sure what Penny Sparkle is but I hope I offered to them as much as they offered me. I know that we have never made a record this way and if I could go back in time, I would do it exactly the same way again."

4AD will release Penny Sparkle on September 14 in North America and September 13 in Europe. To check out "Here Sometimes," head on over to the Click Hear department.

This summer, Blonde Redhead will make a single Canadian stop in Ottawa for the Ottawa Blues Festival on July 16. In addition to that, the band will play Seattle's Capitol Hill Block Party and tour Europe in September. More tour dates are expected soon.

Tour dates:

7/16 Ottawa, ON - Blues Festival

7/24 Seattle, WA - Capitol Hill Block Party

9/15 Geneva, Switzerland - La Batie

9/16 Paris, France - Bataclan

9/18 Brussels, Belgium - AB

9/19 Amsterdam, Netherlands - Melkweg

9/21 Copenhagen, Denmark - Vega

9/22 Oslo, Norway - Rockefeller

9/23 Stockholm, Sweden - Debaser

9/24 Helsinki, Finland - Virgin Oil Co.

9/29 London, England - Shepherd's Bush Empire