Blonde Redhead "Dripping" (NSFW video)

Blonde Redhead 'Dripping' (NSFW video)
Two years removed from the release of New York arthouse rock collective Blonde Redhead's Barragán, the music still comes across quite fresh. Fittingly, comedian/director Eric Wareheim has offered up an olfactory-minded music video for the collection's "Dripping."

Scored by a subtle swerve of beats, muted guitar minimalism and Amedeo Pace's hushed falsetto, the video finds a series of women gelling into their respective late night routines. Some light cigarettes, other flip through ornithological photo mags, and others plink a couple cubes into old fashioned-filled glasses. A low-key sensuality streams throughout the piece, up until the mid-point's NSFW reveal of the company these women keep.

Without spoiling things too much, Wareheim said of the clip in a statement: "'Dripping' is a loveletter to my favourite band of all time (Blonde Redhead) based on my favourite Face Sitting artist of all time (Namio Harukawa)."

You can watch the video at your discretion down below.