Blitzen Trapper "Girl in a Coat" (video)

Blitzen Trapper 'Girl in a Coat' (video)
This morning, Portland, OR-based Americana group Blitzen Trapper debuted a sentimental video for "Girl in a Coat" off last year's American Goldwing LP. The song has a weathered and pensive tone, and the clip is equally wistful.

Dirctor Daniel Elkayam uses hazy imagery that looks faded like an old Polaroid and switches between shots of an old man and a young couple. This gives the impression of how everyday life might feel for someone in their twilight years, with the past intermingling with the present.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, drummer Brian Koch explained that the idea came from speaking to his grandfather who is nearly 100 years old. "I was struck by how, even though so much had become blurry, confused or completely fallen away from his memory, some things remained," said Koch.

Watch the video for "Girl in a Coat" by Blitzen Trapper below.