Bleep Datenbergau

Despite the Teutonic title — Datenbergau means data mining in German — Bleep is not the latest minimal full-length from the Fatherland. Though undeniably European in essence — singer Robyn Sellman is a Brit, while her husband and beat-sculptor Igor Olejar originally hails from the former Yugoslavia — the trio, which also features Canuck guitarist Mark Zarich, is straight out of Toronto. As a follow-up to their well-received debut IMM 0008, this carefully-crafted EP (the CD case is origami!) adds five new tracks to their catalogue as well as an old remix and a few video cuts. The new material continues their method of melding pop structure with live instrumentation and glitchy electronic beatscapes. While the oft-buried vocals can get a little too Cocteau, Bleep has clearly cottoned onto something here that will keep getting better the deeper they dig. (Teknostan)