Don't You Think You've Had Enough?

BY Alex RodobolskiPublished Jul 11, 2019

The latest album from Bleached is full of intentions, yet it feels like the band got cold feet when it came to following through.
Each track on Don't You Think You've Had Enough? seems to get halfway to its destination before running out of steam. It's clear that Bleached set out to make a record that signifies a new chapter in their lives. Unfortunately, the raw emotion gets watered down with generic rock riffs that make it difficult to distinguish one song from the next.
The story becomes more clear in the album's second half. Tracks like "Silly Girl" and "Awkward Phase" show the true potential of this sister duo. With these songs, they're honest; they let go of whatever premeditated sound they wanted to achieve with the rest of the album.
There are layers to Bleached that are yet to be uncovered. Whether it's worth waiting for is a question still left unanswered.
(Dead Oceans)

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