Blanck Mass Announces 'Dumb Flesh' LP for Sacred Bones

Blanck Mass Announces 'Dumb Flesh' LP for Sacred Bones
Earlier this month, Fuck Buttons member Benjamin John Power announced that he'd signed his Blanck Mass project to Sacred Bones. Now, he's announced a new LP for the label.

Called Dumb Flesh, the album follows Blanck Mass's self-titled 2011 release. The album features eight new songs from the artist, with a bonus track called "Life Science" appearing on the vinyl.

According to the press release, Dumb Flesh is a "comment on the flaws of the human form in its current evolutionary state," adding, "The frailty of the human body naturally became a resonant and inescapable part of the album's gestation."

In a statement, Power explained: "We are at the mercy of our genetic heritage every day. No matter how intelligent we are compared to other life forms, we're still made up of the same building blocks and things can go very wrong." 

Dumb Flesh will arrive on May 12 through Sacred Bones. The album's foreboding lead single "Dead Format" can be streamed below.

Dumb Flesh

1. Loam
2. Dead Format
3. No Lite
4. Atrophies
5. Cruel Sport
6. Double Cross
7. Lung
8. Detritus
9. Life Science (vinyl exclusive)