Black Lipstick Converted Thieves

With elements of the Talking Heads, Pavement, Television and the Velvet Underground, the Black Lipstick encapsulates many of the best reasons record purists consistently choose vinyl over human interaction. From their choppy, winding guitar parts to the smiling cynicism of their lyrics ("Ever since I was locking braces in parking spaces”) the band deliver that special mix of lo-fi that makes you want to buy corduroys and a copy of Catcher in Rye. Their album, Converted Thieves, delivers song after song of nail biting brilliance. From the Converse and cardigans stomp of "Voodoo Economics” to the inevitable merger of Elton John and Sonic Youth in "Texas Women,” the album’s sum and its parts work in equal measures. Truly slanted and enchanted, Converted Thieves will without a doubt be one of the best albums you’ll hear this year. (Peek-A-Boo)