Black Lips "Boys in the Wood" (NSFW video)

Black Lips 'Boys in the Wood' (NSFW video)
Atlanta outfit Black Lips are making a good case to stick to the city in the violent, blood- and bodily-fluids-flinging new video for their upcoming Underneath the Rainbow's "Boys in the Wood."

Co-directed by Matt Swinksy and infamously hard-partying brothers the ATL Twins, the clip for the Black Lips' slow-burning slice of gutter blues takes place in a remote forest full of an assortment of characters getting up to unusual things.

We see the ATL Twins drugging up and BMXing around broken glass, another set of siblings give each other a sponge bath in a coffin, one guy in his tightie whities suffers an atomic wedgie and a fate far worse than that from a bearded bully, and at least one creepily masked individual gets a face full of piss.

While one Black Lips member dances his way into a bonfire, the band keep things relatively tame by mostly just playing the song in the outdoor setting,

Considering these acts, as well as a skull-crushing blow to the head one guy gets mid-clip, this one is definitely getting the NSFW tag.

Check it out at your own discretion down below.

Underneath the Rainbow hits retailers March 18 via Vice Records, but the band hit the road in support of the set in March. You'll find the tour info, including stops in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto, over here.