Black Dice Treat 'Beaches & Canyons' to Vinyl Reissue

Black Dice Treat 'Beaches & Canyons' to Vinyl Reissue
Brooklyn experimentalists Black Dice's sonic journey has taken them in countless directions, but the band are poised to revisit one of its most iconic phases via a vinyl reissue of their debut album, Beaches & Canyons, which DFA delivers August 6.

A press release notes that the double-LP set has been out of print for more than five years and will now come packaged with a digital download code. Beyond that, the reissue appears to be the same as the original pressing.

The record was a turning point for the band, who had previously pummelled listeners with white-noise hardcore blitzes on releases for imprints like Vermin Scum, Gravity Records and Troubleman Unlimited. The "meditative, emotional and lovely" Beaches & Canyons, meanwhile, featured five extended pieces that retained some of that chaos, but also dabbled in spiralling electronics, blissed-out instrumentation and extended passages of ocean sounds.

Black Dice's last full-length was 2012's Mr. Impossible.

In other news, Black Dice's Eric Copeland will issue a new solo LP called Joke in the Hole on July 17, also through DFA.

Beaches & Canyons:

1. Seabird
2. Things Will Never Be the Same
3. The Dream Is Going Down
4. Endless Happiness
5. Big Drop