Black Bananas "Physical Emotions" (video)

Black Bananas 'Physical Emotions' (video)
Jennifer Herrema smashed any trash-rock expectations for her Black Bananas's new Electric Brick Wall LP when she revealed funked-up first single "Physical Emotions" back in March, and now she's given the '80s electro-leaning tune a pop-and-lock video treatment.

Splayed out in front of her boombox set up, a furs-wearing Herrema presses play to hear the wildly AutoTuned track. As the cut begins to swerve through the speakers, a little guy with a flattop starts busting out his finest moves, so much so that he breaks on out of his plastic prison to boogie in the real world.

You can watch Herrema and assorted crew of funk-loving weirdoes get down to the single via the player down below.

As previously reported, Electric Brick Wall drops June 24 through Drag City.