Billy Childish and His Famous Headcoats I Am The Object of Your Desire

In the beginning there was rock'n'roll and Billy Childish has made a career out of pushing that beginning further into the past. His primal garage rock refuses to evolve - perhaps in a quest for purity gone out of control. The most rudimentary of rhythms, riffs and ragged vocals define the Childish experience and with I Am The Object of Your Desire a Childish chapter is coming to a close. This is the final recording for his long-time partners in rock, Thee Headcoats and the first on Childish's own new record label, Buff Medway (a now extinct ancient breed of chicken, if you're wondering). The new band, Friends of the Buff Medway Fanciers Association, will feature Wolf Howard from the James Taylor Quarter and Daggerman Johnny Barker. For now let's savour Thee Headcoats' last stand, yet another platter of high-energy roughshod blues that flies in face of fusionists the world over, that might take rock music is some new unsightly direction. More fuzz than you can shake a clothes brush at. Let's here it for the Luddite of rock! (Surefire)