Bill Fay Returns with 'Who Is the Sender?'

Bill Fay Returns with 'Who Is the Sender?'
In 2012, British singer-songwriter Bill Fay broke a lengthy silence (41 years, to be exact) to release Life Is People. Rather than wait another four decades, he's followed it up rather quickly, with a new album on the way just three years later.

The new release is called Who Is the Sender? and was recorded with many of the same group as Life Is People

According to a press release, Fay said the title relates to his relationship with music. "Music gives," he suggested. "But who is the sender?"

Who Is the Sender? arrives on April 28 via Dead Oceans. The album's "War Machine" is available below in the form of a lyric video.

Who Is the Sender?:

1. The Geese Are Flying Westward
2. War Machine
3. How Little?
4. Underneath the Sun
5. Something Else Ahead
6. Order of the Day
7. Who Is the Sender?
8. Freedom to Read
9. Bring It on Lord
10. A Page Incomplete
11. A Frail and Broken One
12. World of Life
13. I Hear You Calling (Studio Reunion)