Bibio "Town & Country"

Bibio 'Town & Country'
British electronic musician Bibio is set to return with his latest LP A Mineral Love this spring, and he's teasing fans with a taste of the new album thanks to a new track called "Town & Country."
The song hears Bibio reflecting on his time spent in London in the early 2000s, wishing he could be in the countryside, far from the city. He's now fulfilled his dream of building an old country cottage studio, where he recorded the new album, and there's an added twinge of nostalgia to the track thanks to drummer Rob Lee, who actually played on Bibio's very first drum kit for the recording of the song.
"It's a song about struggle, endurance, fantasy, longing, acceptance and appreciation," Bibio further explained in a press release. "I wanted it to be both uplifting and bittersweet. It's not necessarily about me, although written from my sympathetic perspective, but I'm sure there will be people out there who will relate to it."
A Mineral Love arrives on April 1 via Warp. Listen to "Town & Country" below.