Beverly Careers

Beverly Careers
Not to be confused with Toronto grunge punks the Beverleys, Brooklyn's Beverly also prefer fuzzed-out guitars, just with a softer touch. The side-project of Frankie Rose, Beverly is actually the main project of Drew Citron, a former member of Rose's backing band.

Careers is the debut album, and though she's not in charge, Rose's pop signature is a definite influence. Traces of Frankie's own recordings, as well as that she did with the Girls — Dum Dum and Vivian — seep into the frame, as Citron administers the same kind of sugary-sweet melodies. But where Careers differs is in her heavier regard for swathing shoegaze sounds.

Single "Honey Do" is the hazy pop gem with which Creation Records could have owned the U.K. indie charts 23 years ago, and the beach vibes of "You Can't Get It" sound like leftovers from Rose's first album with the Outs.

But Careers has its surprises, like the doom-struck girl group pop of "Yale's Life" and the slow burning closer "Black and Grey," which matches the Breeders' drop-of-the-hat intimacy to a tee.

Frankie Rose might not be the face of Beverly, but Careers is one of the best things she's done to date. But Drew Citron deserves most of the credit. (Kanine)