Beth Ditto EP Preview

Beth Ditto EP Preview
Earlier this month, we told you about the Gossip singer Beth Ditto's upcoming solo EP, but unfortunately we didn't have any sound bites to sate you with. Oh, what a difference a few weeks make. We figured that having Simian Mobile Disco at the helm would lean the record towards the dance club set more than her blues punk roots, and our instincts were right.

Though the EP remains untitled and its tracklisting has yet to pop up, a new sampler for the four-song affair has appeared online as two-minute mash-up, which you can hear below.

Inflections of early '80s Mute Records new wave artists like Yaz come to mind, with icy synth lines sidling up to Ditto's soulful croon, though other more adrenalized Euroclub moments suggest the songstress spent some of her Gossip downtime chilling in Ibiza. What's sure is that we've never heard her like this before.

As previously reported, the twelve-inch EP will drop sometime next month.

Beth Ditto EP preview by Deconstruction Records