BESTiE 'Remix EP' (album stream)

BESTiE 'Remix EP' (album stream)
As cold weather descends upon Canada, Vancouver tropical-pop outfit BESTiE are heating things up with a new remix EP. The logically titled Remix EP can be streamed now on

The first half of the six-track collection features three versions of the single "Asleep on the Bus," all of which have been beefed up with thumping rhythms and twinkly synths. Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party's rework is a little a starker, although the final dance passage adds some electronic quirks to the arrangement.

The second half of the EP features three adaptations of "Foolish Hearts." These aren't quite as party-centric as the collection's first side, but the rhythms are bright and danceable nevertheless, with every song focused on pop punchiness over avant-garde experimentation.

Premiere the Remix EP below. The source material comes from this year's No Bad Days.

Meanwhile, BESTiE are currently on the road with the Beaches. See their schedule here.