Best Fiends "Another Love Song" (video)

Best Fiends 'Another Love Song' (video)
Halifax pals Best Fiends delivered their self-titled latest LP last year, and now they're following it up with a brand new tune and video.
"Another Love Song" was written by Keith McFadden for his bandmate Liz Robinson — and the title is incredibly apt, since he tells Exclaim!, "Most of our songs are love songs." This one in particular tackles the feelings that come with having "to spend time apart as a couple for extended periods of time."
It's a jaunty pop-rocker, embellished with bursts of twang, fuzz and hypnotic vocal harmonies in just the right spots. The accompanying video (shot by the band themselves) gives us a look at a day in the life of Best Fiends — following the musically inclined pair outside, over scenic pebble beaches, tree-lined highways and boardwalks. While indoors, the duo opt to jam out between freezie breaks.
Take it all in by watching the video for "Another Love Song" below.