Bert Jansch's 'Heartbreak' Reissued for 30th Anniversary

Bert Jansch's 'Heartbreak' Reissued for 30th Anniversary
Back in 2009, Scottish folk legend Bert Jansch reissued a few of his albums, and although the onetime Pentangle member tragically passed away last year following a battle with cancer, the reissue campaign is continuing with an expanded 30th anniversary version of his 1982 album Heartbreak, which will arrive on November 6 through Omnivore Recordings.

The new edition of this previously out-of-print collection will be available in both vinyl and double-CD editions. The initial vinyl pressing of 1,500 will be on clear wax, while subsequent pressings will be standard black.

As for the double-CD, it will feature the original 10-song album on the first disc and a live album on the second. Entitled Live at McCabe's Guitar Shop, this bonus disc contains 14 unreleased live tracks including versions of a few tracks from Heartbreak. This entire live show took place at the titular venue in Santa Monica, CA, around the same time that Heartbreak was recorded. The live tracks were recorded by Rick and John Chelew, who also produced the album.

The digital edition will come with the same bonus live set. Live at McCabe's Guitar Shop will additionally be available as a stand-alone digital album. A high-definition digital version of Heartbreak will also be available.

Heartbreak (30th anniversary edition):

CD 1 - Heartbreak:

1. Blackwater Side
2. Sit Down Beside Me
3. Up to the Stars
4. Is It Real?
5. Wild Mountain Thyme
6. Heartbreak Hotel
7. No Rhyme Nor Reason
8. If I Were a Carpenter
9. Give Me the Time
10. And Not a Word Was Said

CD 2 - Live at McCabe's Guitar Shop:

1. Curragh of Kildare
2. Poor Mouth
3. Blackwater Side
4. One for Jo
5. Let Me Sing
6. If I Were a Carpenter
7. Blues Run the Game
8. Is It Real?
9. Ask Your Daddy
10. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
11. Kingfisher
12. Wild Mountain Thyme
13. Come Back Baby
14. I Am Lonely