Benny Our True Intent Is For Your Delight

Leave it to the Brits to create some of the most ludicrous punk rock on the planet. Benny, like an episode of the Young Ones, don’t know the line between good and bad taste, but that’s what makes them so damn entertaining. Who else would write songs about liberating a park ("Parks and Gardens”), guarding your kettles from the band for fear of copious tea consumption ("Benny on the Loose”), a song warning against the dangers of Satanism ("Staring Out the Window”), or perform the hymn "Kumbaya,” to the sounds of "There’s No Limit” by those techno cretins 2Unlimited? Resembling some hybrid musical beast, the blokes in Benny sound like a well-blended drink of Wat Tyler, the Stupids, and Mega City 4. Not all music should be taken seriously, and the lads in Benny definitely know how to bring something obscure, light-hearted, and refreshing to the table. (Boss Tuneage)