Ben Gibbard "Teardrop Windows" (video)

Ben Gibbard 'Teardrop Windows' (video)
Aside from how to properly ace a pratfall off a carelessly discarded banana peel, comedy 101 teaches us that everybody loves to hate entertainment industry managers. It's a staple that lets us denigrate the profession by pointing out a mix of cluelessness and money-grubbiness. Ben Gibbard's new Tom Scharpling-directed video for Former Lives track "Teardrop Windows" doesn't chart any new comedic territory, but it at least gets the job done.

Gibbard's manager sets up the scene stating that people don't want to buy records from nice guys such as the "Death Cab for Trudy" singer, but rather bad boys. The thing is, you can't just toss a thug life tatty and an Ed Hardy tee on this indie rock softie and expect the public's perception of over a decade's worth of pleasant pop songs. Watch the dude get a million hugs from strangers, despite his best efforts to flip people off and ruin a birthday party on a faux Real World program.

Check it out below.