Ben Folds Uncovers Lost Album for Three-Disc Rarities Compilation

Ben Folds Uncovers Lost Album for Three-Disc Rarities Compilation
Ben Folds has built up a loyal fan base over his lengthy career, but let's be honest: most people prefer his '90s work with Ben Folds Five to more recent albums like Songs for Silverman (2005) and Way to Normal (2008). Lovers of the piano rocker's classic material will be pleased to learn that he's currently prepping a massive compilation with outtakes that date back to his full-band days.

In an interview with Triple J Radio in Australia [via The Second Disc], Folds said that the collection will feature a whopping three discs. Featuring solo and band material, it will include rarities, live tracks and a collection of hits.

But the draw for fans is a selection of newly discovered Ben Folds Five tapes that were previously feared lost after the singer's Nashville studio was damaged in a flood. These rough mixes were originally intended for a fourth Ben Folds Five album, which was slated to follow 1999's The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner. Of course, the band broke up in 2000 and these recordings never saw the light of day. There's apparently a full album worth of songs.

The rarities set is currently slated for a November release, although that should be considered tentative until more details emerge. Listen to the interview below.

As of late, Ben Folds has been involved in some collaborative projects. He cut an album in a single night with Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls), Damian Kulash (OK Go), and author Neil Gaiman. Last year, he released Lonely Avenue with High Fidelity novelist Nick Hornby.