Ben Folds Five "Do It Anyway" (video)

Ben Folds Five 'Do It Anyway' (video)
Ben Folds Five have always had a quirky sense of humour, so it's only natural that the reunited piano-rock trio teamed up with the kid's show Fraggle Rock to film a video for their new single "Do It Anyway."

The clip begins with Ben Folds Five recording the bouncy tune in a studio. It turns out the Fraggles are living in the caves beneath the studio, and they eventually tunnel their way up through the floor to dance around and goof off with the band members. The clip ends with Folds and friends playing the Fraggle Rock theme song.

The clip features Hollywood stars Anna Kendrick and Rob Corddry along with a host of Fraggle Rock characters. Red Fraggle said in a tongue-in-cheek statement, "We had a great adventure in Outer Space! Ben, Robert and Darren love music as much as Fraggles do, so we had lots of fun. It would be wonderful to have them come play more music in the caves with us, but I am not sure they can fit through the hole in the floor!"

Ben Folds Five's The Sound of the Life of the Mind comes out on Tuesday (September 18) via ImaVeePee Records/Sony Music Entertainment.