Ben Folds Finally Ready to Release Nick Hornby Collaboration Album

Ben Folds Finally Ready to Release Nick Hornby Collaboration Album
Talk about a long time coming.

When we announced in September 2008 that suburb-rockin' Ben Folds was working on an album with High Fidelity author Nick Hornby, Folds said he was inspired to do so after recording a joke album in just eight hours. As he said then: "Nick Hornby and I are talking about doing a record where he writes all the lyrics and I write the music. [We will] write and record it in about three days, just like we did in Dublin with the fake record. It's fun - I'm excited about it. It wouldn't have been possible without the fake album."

A year and a half later, that "three days" seems like a bit of a joke itself, but no matter - the singer-songwriter recently told Billboard that the duo have finished recording, and that the album, tentatively titled Picture Window, is due out this September.

A number of song titles have leaked, along with the songs themselves: "Levi Johnston's Blues," "Picture Window" and "Claire's 9th" have all hit the web so far.

Folds has revealed that the only details remaining for the album are cover art and a label. "We'll have to pick a label and go with it," Folds says. "At this time and in this climate, I'm not going to say it doesn't matter, but it's just not that important. The record coming out in September is the important part, just to get it out there."

In related Ben Folds news, the singer-songwriter was recently thought to have played an impromptu concert on chat website Chatroulette, but as Billboard points out, it turns out it wasn't him.