Beliefs Unveil 'Habitat' LP, Share New Video

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Jul 17, 2017

Just the other day, Toronto duo Beliefs gave us the new song "1994." They've now revealed, though, that the track will be appearing on their new album Habitat.

The follow-up to Beliefs' 2015 effort Leaper will arrive on September 22 on Outside Music/Hand Drawn Dracula.

A press release promises, "This is the moment when Beliefs stops being defined as the sum of its influences, the moment when it has audibly put in enough time to start exploring and realizing its true potential, the moment when it starts decisively growing into its own thing. Which, as all music fans know, is the most exciting moment in a band's existence."

In a statement, the band's Jesse Crowe also had this to say:

It's a dark record, for sure. I feel like we were drawing a lot more from, like, me being a Goth teenager and Josh only wanting to listen to Aphex Twin and me only wanting to listen to Portishead's Third for the last year and stuff like that. But also it was time to embody the elements of being a 'wall-of-sound' band with some space and the idea of being able to be quiet when you should be quiet, and you can't do that with three guitars. There's no space. It just becomes all push and no pull.

To further tease the new album, Beliefs have shared a new video for "1994." In a statement, director Christopher Mills explained, "Beliefs write music that transports me to inter-dimensional worlds awash with waterfalls of sounds that stir up ghosts, memories, and really weird dreams. '1994' is the apex of a triptych of dream-state videos that feature magick battles, flying ghosts, and impressionistic German Cabaret inspired dance performances, dipped in Yves Klein blues, and broadcast to a broken TV set."

You can watch the video below, where you'll also find the album's tracklist.


1. 1994
2. Retreat (Light the Fire)
3. Divided Youth (Only Lovers)
4. Half Empty
5. Comb
6. All Things Considered
7. Faulty
8. Anti
9. Catholic Guilt
10. Swamp Core
11. Shadow of the Son

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