The Beets Stay Home

The Beets are the kind of band that are easy to love; they have a carefree aesthetic present throughout the 13 nuggets of delicious lo-fi goodness on Stay Home, their second full-length. This three-piece out of Queens, NY clearly don't take themselves too seriously ― tracks like "Hens and Roosters" are an homage to simpler times, when pop songs were brief fireworks in the night disappearing as quickly as they appeared. This is where the Beets rise above their lo-fi peers: there is an unabashed, goofy sense of purpose. Stay Home is a loose, jangly listen that doesn't have to work hard to stay afloat, with most of the tracks hovering around the two-minute mark. Stay Home proves that a pop sensibility doesn't require a complex formula. "Floating" provides a hazy sing-along, "Knock On Wood" walks the fine line between greasy Northwestern garage rock and sunny California pop, and "Your Name is on My Bones" pines for the kind of love we've all lost. It may not sound like much, but if Stay Home proves anything, it's that sometimes, great records really don't have to prove all that much. (Captured Tracks)