Beekeepers Society Plastic on the Furniture

Brampton, ON alt-pop five-piece Beekeepers Society seem like they're in a transitional state. Their EP, Plastic on the Furniture, begins with excessively adorable pop number "House of Frost," which lyrically references "bake sales" and "lychee" and depends heavily on xylophone. But, as one continues through the rest of the EP, it's turned completely on its head, with the tracks becoming deeply experimental. On "Broken Zipper," the EP's last track, the Beekeepers have reached a new indie plateau of fantastical post-rock that feels slightly like gypsy punk, and slightly lo-fi — all of this transitioning leaves the listener slightly stumped. Yet while it's clear that these Beekeepers have some of their stylistic priorities out of whack they're definitely on their way somewhere. If they stay closer to the experimental side and veer away from the hyper-pop side, they may have the potential to make some worthwhile tunes. But for now, pronouncing "x-mas" literally as "ex-mass," as vocalist Darcy McMann does on "House of Frost," is a little bit too cute to be taken seriously. (Independent)