Beefs 2011: Diplo Calls Washed Out's New LP "Limp"

Beefs 2011: Diplo Calls Washed Out's New LP 'Limp'
Washed Out (aka Ernest Greene) has been receiving a ton of buzz for his debut album, Within and Without, which came out last week (July 12) via Sub Pop. Not everyone is a fan of Greene's chillwave sounds though. Today (July 20), producer Diplo posted a tweet letting the world know how he feels about the new album.

As Pitchfork points out, Diplo wrote, "Washed out need to put some starch in the wash cause this album sounds kinda limp." Yikes, a pun and an insult? That's a double whammy of hurt for Greene.

We'll have to wait and see if Greene responds to the comment, but somehow we're guessing that he's too busy being chill to bother with a public feud.

This is hardly the first time Diplo has dissed another artist publicly. Just a couple of months ago, he called M.I.A. "crazy" and insulted her politics. And on a slightly more humorous note, we'd like to point out this hilarious tweet Diplo posted about drying off at the gym using paper towels.