Beefs 2010: Woodhands Drop Pitchfork Diss Track

Beefs 2010: Woodhands Drop Pitchfork Diss Track
We're only two months into 2010, and Canadian independent music has already produced two high-profile diss tracks. The first came from the Fucked Up camp, with a jokey diss towards Sonic Youth. Now, Toronto electro duo Woodhands have dropped a bomb on Pitchfork with a new song dubbed "P'iss."

With the use of some LCD Soundsystem-styled beats, the pair throws some serious hate towards the website, with the group's Paul Banwatt dissing everything from Pitchfork's poorly coded HTML to its '90s-styled design to its decimal-equipped reviews. There's also the kick-off line, "Pitchfork is a waste of bandwidth / content so thin it needs to eat a sandwich," eventually adding in an edit where Kanye says, "Pitchfork doesn't care about black people."

The chorus of the track encourages listeners to visit other blogs (though they criminally overlooked Exclaim!), and says has nothing on YouTube. Needless to say, the track is pretty over-the-top, and it can be heard here.

As to why Woodhands have penned the track, on their Twitter, they write, "For those curious: Reasons for a diss track 1) Cuz it's hilarious 2) cuz rappers shouldn't have all the fun 3) cuz Paul is a rap star."

We'll keep you posted if this gets any uglier.