Bee And Flower

This Brooklyn-based group are the universal answer to what shoegazer music tried to reach years ago. Bee and Flower are beyond ultra-cool - they are smoky, swanky, waltzy and downright seductive, creating their own kind of dreamy, folky pop lounge that is positively dark and discordant yet in place with its pulling guitar sounds, pulsing and lilting pianos and sweeping pedal steel and percussion delicacies. Vocalist Dana Schecter (who had formally collaborated with ex-Swans guru Michael Gira in his Angels of Light outfit) provides the calming dreaminess - a direct portal to the human soul that speaks volumes of emotional intensity and experience. This debut disc is recorded by Martin Bisi (Brian Eno, Sonic Youth and Bill Laswell), and his efforts provide the spectrum of textures - ambiance, scratchiness and a bed of embryonic warmth. Those who connect with the likes of Blue Rodeo, the Sadies, Cat Power and Low should find this violin-adorned album a welcome entity in their collection.