Beck Admits To Singing Incoherent "Scratch Vocals"

Beck Admits To Singing Incoherent 'Scratch Vocals'
Fans of Beck can easily recall some of his lyrical content that wasn’t exactly comprehensible like, "Heads are hanging from the garbage man trees/Mouthwash jukebox gasoline," a line taken from "Devil's Haircut.” But only now does it make perfect sense as to why some of his lyrics were, shall we say, pure B.S.

Beck has revealed to Rolling Stone that a lot of the lyrics found on his seminal 1996 album Odelay were ad-libbed. More specifically "The New Pollution” and "Devil’s Haircut,” which featured "scratch” vocals that were used initially to fill in the blanks for recording purposes but were never replaced with new lyrics afterwards.

"Most of the vocals on the record were scratch vocals,” said Beck. "We just grew attached to them.” While there is no harm in his approach towards creating a final product it does seem irregular that only 12 years later, "She’s got cigarette on each arm/She’s got the lily-white cavity crazes/She’s got a carburettor tied to the moon/Pink eyes looking to the food of the ages" from "The New Pollution” roused suspicion of being incoherent.

Beck "The New Pollution”