Beatking "Rambunctious" (ft. Danny Brown & Riff Raff)

Beatking 'Rambunctious' (ft. Danny Brown & Riff Raff)
Gangsta Stripper Music maker Beatking is about to touch down with another freelease by the end of the month. But before his Underground Cassette Tape Music drops on September 30, the Houston hip-hop artist is previewing how wild the set may be with a new boom tune called "Rambunctious."

SGT J's beat explodes with barracks-rumbling bass and a bottle rocket screech of synths. Beatking's verse has pulling up to a joint smelling "like a hashtag," proceeding to explain how best to turn up. Danny Brown delivers his patented oddball flow, while a lean-sipping Riff Raff drops Family Matters and Hakeem Olajuwon references into his low-riding set of lyrics.

You can check out the trio of rappers getting rambunctious down below.