Beastie Boys "Too Many Rappers" (video) (ft. Nas)

Beastie Boys 'Too Many Rappers' (video) (ft. Nas)
Hot Sauce Committee Part Two proved to be the Beastie Boys' final album, as Adam Yauch died a year later. But even though the group won't be making any new music, we can now revisit one of the tracks from their swan song, as an unreleased video for the Nas-featuring cut "Too Many Rappers" has emerged.

Directed by Roman Coppola, it shows Nas and the Beasties out on the town, prowling towards the camera and even strutting their stuff in the supermarket. (Perhaps they were shopping for hot sauce?)

It's a bit of a mishmash, as it incorporates studio footage and live clips. The image quality isn't exactly crisp, but we're guessing that this is official since it emerged on the website of editor Neal Usatin [via Pitchfork].