The Beach Boys to Release The Smile Sessions as Double CD, Limited Box Set

The Beach Boys to Release <i>The Smile Sessions</i> as Double CD, Limited Box Set
We never really got the Beach Boys reunion with Brian Wilson that we were originally promised for the group's 50th anniversary, but that doesn't mean 2011 won't be a year to celebrate the iconic band. Instead, Capitol Records have revealed plans to release the Beach Boys' original, unreleased Smile recording sessions as a new album package.

 As Billboard reports, the album is called The Smile Sessions and comes with support from all members of the Beach Boys.

In a statement, Brian Wilson said, "I'm thrilled that the Beach Boys' original studio sessions for Smile will be released for the first time, after all these years... I'm looking forward to this collection of the original recordings and having fans hear the beautiful angelic voices of the boys in a proper studio release."

The Smile Sessions will be released as a double CD, as well as an iTunes digital album and in a limited-edition box set that contains four CDs, two vinyl records, two seven-inches and a 60-page hard-bound book written by Beach Boys expert Dominic Priore. The album is being co-produced by Beach Boys engineer Mark Linett and archivist Alan Boyd.

Because Smile was an unfinished album, Linett says The Smile Sessions will represent "the whole piece as close to as it was envisioned, or as is envisioned, as possible... and obviously with input from Brian and from everybody else... We have gaps where we are missing some vocal parts. But all the music was recorded, which is heartening."

 The only troubling news about this album is that Capitol Records has not set a timeframe for its release, only promising that it will be out this year. At least, Brian Wilson's upcoming Canadian tour has a firm schedule.