The Beach Boys Set Release Date for New Album, Unveil Teaser Clip

The Beach Boys Set Release Date for New Album, Unveil Teaser Clip
With the Beach Boys' much-hyped 50th reunion tour about to launch, the iconic California pop outfit have shared some new information about their previously promised new studio album. We now know that the record will arrive June 5 via Capitol Records, and we've got a teaser clip in anticipation of the new album.

The LP still doesn't have a title, but the first single will be called "That's Why God Made the Radio." You can hear some clips from that waltzing, sun-drenched tune in the album trailer, which is embedded below. It sounds pretty much exactly like a long-lost cut from Endless Summer, so longtime fans are bound to be pleased.

Speaking with Billboard, the band's Bruce Johnston compared the new music to the 1970 album Sunflower.

He said, "It's all brand new. There's a lot of what you'd hope to hear from Brian [Wilson] on there. It's not a quilt or a pot luck dinner; it's not like, 'Okay, everybody show up with your songs.' It's not one of those kind of albums. There's a lot of Brian in there, and Mike [Love]. It's just nice to know there is a Mike Love and a Brian Wilson still around to write together."

The album will reportedly include some vocals accorded by Carl Wilson prior to his death in 1998.

See the band's upcoming tour dates here, and watch the trailer below.