Bauhaus Break Up (Again)

Bauhaus Break Up (Again)
Goth legends Bauhaus have announced that they will break up after the release of their fifth and final album. Going Away White (get it?) will hit shops on March 4, 2008, marking the second time the band have broken up.

Originally parting ways after 1983's Burning from the Inside, Bauhaus reformed in 1998 for the Resurrection Tour and live album Gotham. They followed that with a Coachella performance in 2005, as well as a North American headlining tour and a support slot on Nine Inch Nails' With Teeth tour.

In an interview with, drummer Kevin Haskins said: "We were getting along really well, but there was an incident that occurred. Some of us just felt that we didn't want to carry on as a working unit."

About the album Haskins added: "Now, there's a little bit of an empty feeling because we can't tour with it. All the same, it's something we're very proud of, and we feel a lot of people will be interested to hear it."

Bauhaus "Bela Lugosi's Dead" (in The Hunger)