Bat for Lashes "A Wall" (video)

Bat for Lashes 'A Wall' (video)
Chances are you hit up a few holiday parties this year and will no doubt make the rounds on New Year's. Bat for Lashes (aka Natasha Khan) has been on the house party circuit herself, but the new video for glimmery electro-pop tune "A Wall," off her recent The Haunted Man LP, makes it seem like she's not exactly able to cut loose at a soiree.

Throughout the video, the blonde-wigged songstress is supporting her furry costume-wearing beau, who seems to be struggling to keep it together. At various times, she holds up her haunted man up as he stumbles into the party, they have a clunky makeout session in a bathtub, and he collapses in anguish on the dancefloor. Khan seems to be in the relationship for the long haul, though, as she coos to her troubled yeti of their dependency-driven situation, "You see a wall / I see a door."

Check it out below.