Bastille "Bite Down" (ft. HAIM)

Bastille 'Bite Down' (ft. HAIM)
London pop rockers Bastille have looked to several acts to help them out with their upcoming collaboration-loaded VS (Other People's Heartache Pt. III) mixtape, including sister trio HAIM. Markedly, that particular tag-team track has been given the name "Bite Down."

The tune features all sorts of anthemic touches, from stomping percussion and heavy-hitting claps, to a steadfast staccato piano rhythm and heart-stirring melodies. Lyrics-wise, Bastille and HAIM unite to offer up lines about picking up the pieces, fighting for what you believe in and sticking together ("bite down into me, you've got to sink your teeth before I disappear").

The mixtape also features appearances from Angel Haze, Skunk Anansie, MNEK and more, and lands December 10 through Virgin Records.