Bass Lions More Than Islands

It’s a feat, dusting off your paws and getting on with it again, knowing that it doesn’t have to end. So it’s been for Hamilton, ON’s Bass Lions. Fresh off of tour, Reily let their death rattle roar and disbanded. However, the Bass Lions reclaim the stage with More Than Islands, the first EP for a band surely "more than the sum of their parts.” The flavours of Anthony James, Nathan Stretch and Lisa Horvath, leftovers from the sumptuous meal that was Reily, sound better together, having mingled for a while. Short but delectable, the new band don’t eulogise their former incarnation but fill out their sound with a six-track set, hopefully melancholic, bold and beautiful. The Bass Lions, kings of the Steeltown jungle, are on the prowl, but you can catch them live. (Nevado)