Basement Revolver "Words"

Basement Revolver 'Words'
Hamilton-based band Basement Revolver are ready to release their debut EP next month, but before it arrives, the group have shared a brand new single called "Words."
The track was inspired by the existential dread that often accompanies academia. "I was writing my honours psych thesis at the time, as well as many other papers, when it all began to feel meaningless," the band's Chrisy Hurn tells Exclaim! "No matter what I said, in the end, words are just words. They can be strung together to form something powerful, but without context they become as mundane and uncontrollable as one's commute to and from school. Similarly, a paper is just a paper, a degree is just a degree, and there is so much more to life than the plans and the empires that we build for ourselves."
That feeling gets channelled into the melodic indie rock of "Words." Charged-up guitars and steadily beating drums are softened by Hurn's sugary vocals, melding together to form a satisfying serving of jangly pop-infused rock.
Listen to "Words" in the player below, and pre-order a digital or physical copy of Basement's Revolver self-titled EP before it officially lands on July 15 through Fear of Missing Out Records.