Bartok Guitarsplat As The Universe Unfolds

First, never mind the god-awful name, secondly, don't be swayed by the description, "spontaneous improvisation loosely based around rough musical sketches," contained in the CD booklet. While these tracks may have been recorded in one take, very little in the way of risk-taking improvisation is present. However the tracks were arrived at, they are quite attention grabbing. The duo of Rodney Brent, on stringed instruments (guitar, mandolin, lap steel), and John Magyar, on production (processing and manipulation), explores ground similar to that visited by Bristol guitar ambient bands like Flying Saucer Attack and A.M.P. The term FSA coined for their sound was "rural psychedelia," and that almost fits in the case of As the Universe Unfolds, though this recording veers into realms of folk and Krautrock inspired drone and repetition. Layers of loops built up from the acoustic instruments and metamorphosed by gradual manipulations in sound, then used as the bed for more layers and loops until the whole thing hypnotises you into thinking you're Julian Cope, driving through Las Vegas in a rented Volkswagon. Strangely appealing. (Plan Eleven)