Barrymores All Nighters

The Barrymores are proof that ska and reggae music don’t necessarily need a message for the music to be good (a sentiment often forgotten these days). The Barrymores are, quite simply, the best ska party band in Canada. The band’s new record, All Nighters, finds the Barrymores further refining their style and hitting upon a sound all their own (unlike many of their peers), derivative of the burgeoning ska scene across the country. The ceaseless touring has only proceeded to hone the band to a diamond’s edge. Each track on All Nighters is a stream-lined, discreet rocker that slips easily into the pleasure centre of the brain. Dan Parr, Ian Lowdewyki and Devin Mitchell concoct some of the best Sublime-ish ska and reggae rhythms since, well, Bradley Nowell all crowned with Jolene Norton’s little school girl vocalese and punctuated by a horn section that complements rather than overtakes the proceedings. The band is never at a loss for a hook and dances them around the beats making them just catchy enough to make their way into your shower stall after only one listen. Six or seven gems that include "200 Late Days a Year,” "By the Way I’m Not Your Girl,” and "Can’t Stop The Rock,” forgive the three duds and make for one of the most consistently good listens to come out of the Canadian underground in years. (Bacteria Buffet)