Banditas Banditas

This self-titled debut starts off with guitar hooks that kick and scream so hard they’ll be stuck in your head for days as the first track, "Fighting Girl,” rolls out. This Ottawa trio have vocalist/guitarist Liz McDermott showing off a curious, near-androgynous voice about the reeling tumble of Colin Vincent’s (ex-Oklahoma) drums, and the addictive guitar wielding of Scott Terry. With a heads down, driven sound, Banditas have a rollicking, steady flair, set off against the most subtle hints of some sugary sweet sound just under the surface at times. Recorded on an eight-track in the band’s rehearsal space, this full-length was recorded in only two days. The rough and tumble vocals are set off by the accents of the rolling drum beats and the pointed guitars that just don’t let up. Banditas have emerged with a strong debut that will definitely be able to get some feet moving and heads bobbing. (Last Drag)