Band of Horses Begin Prepping 'Mirage Rock' Follow-Up

Band of Horses Begin Prepping 'Mirage Rock' Follow-Up
Band of Horses are currently taking a quick breather from supporting their most recent LP Mirage Rock, but frontman Ben Bridwell isn't spending his vaycay on the couch. He's already deep in the throes of penning Band of Horses' follow-up.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, the singer/guitarist confirmed that he's been holed up at home, writing his latest batch of songs while the rest of the band enjoys some downtime before they start touring again next month.

"I built this little crappy studio in my garage, and I've been in there every damn day if the kids are sleeping or they're at school or whatever. Just trying to write any minutes that I can," he said. "So there's a ton of stuff that I'm leaning on right now, and I'm feeling really good about it."

While details are slim at present, Bridwell hinted that the upcoming song cycle could see a shift in tone from the rockin' vibe of Mirage Rock to something much more subtle and potentially tear-inducing.

"Not that there was a lot of insincerity on there, but it was kind of a good-time-feeling rock'n'roll album," he allowed of the last LP, noting of this next one, "I tend to be leaning more towards the sincere and loud and dark and sad…I'm trying to pay attention to the words and make sure I'm telling a story here to hopefully break some people's hearts."

A timeline has yet to be set for when we can expect to hear the next Band of Horses LP, but Bridwell noted that he's in no hurry to get the album to retailers.

"My original feeling right when Mirage Rock came out was that we need to hit back immediately and get an album out this year," he said, but added, "I do want to take this a bit slowly, unless all the stuff comes together quicker than I thought it would. If the stuff is begging to get written and recorded, then I would imagine we'd at least maybe start thinking about demoing this year and see how it goes."

In the meantime, Band of Horses get back on the road in April and are currently booked until the summer, including a stop at BC's Squamish Valley Music Festival. You can see the band's dates over here.