Band of Horses "Knock Knock" (video)

Band of Horses 'Knock Knock' (video)
Band of Horses already delivered a stop-motion-style clip for "Knock Knock," one of the new numbers of the group's impending Mirage Rock LP. Apparently they weren't too satisfied with that simple clip, though, as the group have delivered a second video for the tune that, despite its intentionally lo-fi look, apparently had a bigger budget.

The clip is modelled after nature shows of yore, and finds a zoologist and two cronies tracking down Band of Horses to capture their sweet, soothing sounds. The act find themselves in some natural habitats, from rocky plains to the Arctic, to play the crunchy pop tune, but they're soon disturbed by the chroniclers, who chase them on foot and by helicopter to record the slightest snippet of sound.

You can check out the results down below via NPR.

As previously reported, Mirage Rock drops September 18 through Columbia Records.