Bamboo Kids The Bamboo Kids

It’s not surprising that New York’s the Bamboo Kids are signed to Get Hip considering the pure garage punk sound that the label’s founder, Gregg Kostelich, made legendary in the ’80s with his own group, the Cynics. Since then, Get Hip has doggedly signed countless garage punk acts, purely for the sake and love of the genre, with many hits and sometimes as many misses. But the Bamboo Kids definitely hit the pure garage punk target dead centre. While embodying the spirit of paired down yet adept three-chord rock à la Dictators or early Ramones, the band has its own remarkably unique and refreshing sound. Although songs penned on this album clearly lay the foundation for the band’s strong live reputation of moving an audience to riot, true versatility is demonstrated through the occasional slower cut like "Don’t Get Better,” an unpretentious and competent rock ballad reminiscent of the Stones’ Tattoo You sessions, not surprising either considering the fact that this album is an ode to life in the gritty streets of New York. (Get Hip)