Bakunin's Bum Fight To Win - A Benefit For OCAP

Grooves and beats on a G7 release? Don't worry, it's still radical. Fight To Win is the debut CD from Montreal's Bakunin's Bum, a studio duo featuring Godspeed You Black Emperor!'s 1-Speed Bike taking care of the beats, and Rhythm Activism's Norman Nawrocki playing violin, viola and cello. For the sake of this benefit disc the pair has edited recordings of speeches given by Ontario Coalition Against Poverty spokespersons/activists prior to the Quebec City summit and mixed them in over their music. The results, though a little muddled at times, are engaging, empowering and worthy of a turn or two around the dance floor. The disc is long though, clocking in at 69 minutes and featuring such memorable track titles as "What is OCAP?," "It's too late for Concessions" and a personal favourite, "And the Cops Just Go 'Fuck.'" Preachy? Of course, but it all makes a lot of sense just the same. The package comes with an informative 20-page booklet about the history of OCAP and resource material for those interested in getting involved with anti-poverty efforts. (G-7 Welcoming Committee)